revision history analytics

Itero for Revision History Analytics

Itero is a research project aimed at understanding how revision history and summative analytics of writing process can affect the behavior and outcomes of writers.

Document revisions come from a Google Drive API that allows access to character level revisions of any Google Document. Our application authenticates and then provides aggregate metrics for revision history data.



Writing metrics and visualizations summarizing both character level and aggregate writing behavior.


Character level revision data allow for playback of any google doc; one can observe their own writing or feedback from others.


We use analytics and replay as intervention mechanisms for studying writing behavior and writer self-efficacy.


A tool called DraftBack inspired us to ask how revision history data can impact teaching and learning.


What We Collect

When you load a doc into itero, we cache the revision history data to help with performance of our analytics and visualizations.

For Research

For research, you have to manually add your document to a research project. Researchers &mdash with IRB approval — are then able to review your revision history data.

What We Don't Collect

1. We avoid personally identifying data from Google as much as possible.
2. If we want information from you, we will send a voluntary survey.
3. We don't collect data to share with others.

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